10 Weeks to Better Health and Vibrant Living!

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Harness the Power of Yoga & Ayurveda to Create Lasting Health and Happiness

Join Andrea Thibaudeau Yoga Teacher and Certified Yoga Health Coach and EXPLORE THE FULL POWER of yoga and it's sister science of Ayurveda. Yoga and Ayurvedic wisdom can transform every aspect of your life from the physical to the energetic, mental, and the emotional. Discover modern and ancient keys to STEP FULLY into your AUTHENTIC POWER and serve the world with JOY!

In studio course starts February 2020

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Do you feel like things in your life just are not RIGHT?

  • DEEP DOWN you feel that something in your life needs to shift.
  • Maybe you simply feel STIFF AND STUCK in your body or in your life.
  • Maybe you’re STRUGGLING with depression, hormone imbalance, inflammation, or your weight.
  • Perhaps you’ve been so busy taking care of others that you’ve lost sense of WHO YOU ARE.
  • YOU KNOW that you can get health naturally!
  • YOU KNOW that you can connect (or reconnect!) to a deeper purpose!
  • You know that you can be blissful! YOU CAN be FREE! You can live a Vibrant and Passionate Life!

But SOMETHING IS MISSING. Your days are filled with distractions and BAD HABITS and real change always feels out of reach.

Even though you may feel stuck, YOU are CONTINUOUSLY EVOLVING. YOU create who you WANT to be!

WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE NEXT? The Choice is yours . . .

In the Live Like a Yogi 10 Months to Better Health and Vibrant Living! Program I’ll guide you through the Daily Rhythms of Ayurveda To Support Your Health and Your Life. This program will help you ...

  • Create healthy habits that will change your life and last a lifetime!
  • Increase your energy levels naturally
  • Reduce stress mentally and physically
  • Feel more grounded and steady
  • Integrate yoga, meditation, and breathing practices into your everyday life
  • Increase your immunity
  • Live with more intention and awareness
  • Remove toxins & improve digestion
  • Reduce inflammation

In short, this program will help you access your most vibrant, soulful, purposeful, and passionate self!


In this 10 Months to Better Health and Vibrant Living Program, you will learn:

This module is all about syncing up your rhythms with Nature. Learn how to shift your meal schedule for optimal digestion and fat metabolism. Eating earlier allows you to get deeper rest. Deeper rest means you feel better the next day! When you eat your biggest meal when the sun is highest, you keep your body light and energized. Many of us eat after 6p.m., when digestion starts to get very weak. When we eat late or eat too heavy at night, we put a load on our body that detracts from a more efficient body.

 In this module, you’ll discover:

  • What is your Ayurvedic Dosha / constitution?
  • The Ayurvedic Clock and Your Earlier, Lighter, Dinner
  • How and why your digestive fire isn’t strong at night and why it’s best to eat dinner lighter and earlier
  • How to heal your digestive distress
  • It’s not just what you eat, but when and how
  • Tips and tools to shift your schedule in ways that help you and your family, to THRIVE

This module is all about getting plenty of good sleep. Many of us aren’t in sync with the rest our body needs. We get tired, but instead of winding down and turning in, we try to squeeze in a few more tasks. Or we might reward our hard day with relaxing in front of the T.V. or computer.  We are over worked, over stimulated, over stressed, and paying for it!

These patterns slowly deteriorate our immunity making us susceptible to autoimmune disorders. We need to rediscover our connection to the subtle body messages and sense organ fatigue that clue us in, and remind us of our need for rest. If you want to experience better and more consistent energy throughout your day, we need to dial in this habit.

 In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Deep relaxation and rejuvenation with yoga nidra meditation and breathing
  • Nourishing bedtime rituals and routines for sacred rest
  • Essential oils for beauty and sleep
  • Ways to reduce your anxiety and get better, more restorative sleep
  • Yoga postures for relaxation and deep rest
  • What you can do when you can’t sleep
  • How you can feel great when you wake up

This module is all about getting the best start to your day. How do you wake up? Consider this, you have 5 bodies. Not just a physical body, but also a breath body (pranic body), a mind body, an intuitive body, and a spiritual body. In yoga philosophy there are 5 layers to who you are. It’s essential to optimize each body when you wake up.

 In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to flush your colon and become a pooping champion
  • Ayurveda tongue scraping for detox and oral hygiene
  • How to create a more spacious inner space to navigate all the surprises and disappointments that can have a huge impact on your day
  • Tap into your potential with Meditation Mantra & Mudra
  • Connect with your desire and how you wish to show up in your life
  • Breath / Body Practices for awakened prana and clear energy
  • How to drink your nutrients with vibrant and yummy smoothies
  • What to eat for breakfast that is optimal for your body type and sustained energy
  • Ayurvedic Herbs to safely improve digestion / elimination, and deep sleep.

This module is about 20-minute breath and body movement practices that you can use to get your blood pumping and jumpstart your metabolism, to help you focus and blow out the fogginess, and to put a sparkle in your day. Awaken the intelligence prana and make better decisions the whole day through. Allow your breath to be your first meal of the day and feel clearer and more energized than ever before!

 In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Tools to start or deepen your yoga practice
  • Daily breath & body movements to invigorate and jump start metabolism
  • Yoga practices and postures for your unique body
  • Habits for aging gracefully, living with vitality, and aligning to purpose
  • What particular type of exercise is best for your body type and constitution
  • Habit change science to help you stick to your self-care fitness goals

In this module we turn our attention to taking your relationship between plants and your body to the next level of integration.

Eating a plant-based, whole-foods diet is about the relationship between our outer ecosystem, where our food grows, and our inner ecosystem. Your food is the source of your energy and the building blocks of body tissue.

 In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to nourish and nurture yourself from the outside in... and from the inside out
  • How to transform your personal health and the health of your family
  • Your relationship between your body and where you source your energy
  • Yummy, nourishing plant-based recipes!

Learn self-care and self-love through the healing practice of abhyanga (self massage).

Awaken your compassion through touch.

This module is all about how to attend to your body’s needs and desire for self-care, and how you can stimulate regeneration, repair, and rejuvenation.

 In this module, you’ll discover:

  • You must give to yourself first. Heal yourself, THEN you can save the world!
  • Self-care routines to look and feel your best
  • Daily self massage (or abhyanga) that will uplevel your self-care and open the gateway to becoming your body’s best healer
  • How to make your own body oil for your body type
  • Lymph circulation and body integration
  • Discover practices for lymph drainage
  • Improve Breast health, and integrate body tissues
  • How to respect and honor your body
  • There is healing energy in your hands!

For many people the habit of sitting down to meditate and staying put for the specified duration is the most difficult habit to integrate. This module is all about meditation, how to make it a daily habit and live in the present to wake up to our potential. As humans we are continuously evolving. Meditation teaches us how to listen, and ultimately, to grow into who we are meant to be.

 In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Who are you really, and who do you want to be next?
  • The best times of day for you to meditate.  What to expect?
  • Routines to start or deepen your meditation practice
  • The benefits of meditation
  • 4 Steps to Mindfulness Practice
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your practice
  • The bigger vision and field of connectivity

Do you eat again before previous food is digested?

This module is all about developing healthier eating habits to increase your nourishment and energy. Research what nourishes you most deeply.  Investigate your relationship to food with compassion and honesty.

 In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to regulate your blood sugar and stop craving carbs!
  • How to eat for your your unique body
  • Invoke gratitude
  • Eat in a peaceful environment
  • How to eat for nourishment and energy
  • How to deal with emotional eating and food addiction
  • Proper food combining
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Research your relationship to food
  • Awaken your intuition
  • Create healthy gut bacteria
  • Digestion as a foundation to better health
  • Breath before bite / savor and enjoy your food
  • Hunger / satiation cycles
  • Is snacking really what you need for your body type?
  • Sacred feasting and balanced indulgences!

This module is all about sense organ acuity and aging. Our five sense organs enable us to perceive and understand the world around us. It’s generally assumed that as we get older our sense organs stop working so well. But there are daily actions that we can take to hone our sensory acuity for a more aware and connected life. These practice change our perception of the world and aid in our longevity.

 In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to change the way you age!
  • Simple habits to optimize your sense organ self-care
  • Our senses are the most delicate instruments! They deeply inform us on what we need, and what we do not. Trust your senses!
  • How to listen to and feel your innate body wisdom.
  • Why you need to take breaks from your phone and computer
  • Oil your nostrils for better immunity
  • Oil swish for your mouth and better oral hygiene
  • Enjoy the sensuous delights and flavors of life and Live Life Fully

This module is all about easeful living and your orientation to life: Do you choose to have a stressful relationship to life? Or, do you choose to have an easeful relationship to life?

 In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Thriving is a CHOICE
  • How to live life in better balance
  • Live life more fully with greater ease, vitality, radiance and beauty
  • Uncover your desires
  • Get more centered
  • Live feeling more supported and experience greater ease
  • Create a bigger impact in the world around you
  • Live life on YOUR terms, in line with who you REALLY want to be
  • Feel your connectivity with all of life

In studio course starts February 2020

Schedule your free better health strategy session Now to discuss your unique health challenges" Discover if this program is the best fit to help you move forward toward graceful aging, better living and dreams fulfilled!

Click here to schedule a FREE strategy session